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We have something REALLY IMPORTANT to say

One of the things that 2023 has taught us is that we are saying (and doing) something that is important and valuable.

Through a year where drug policy and health-led approaches were part of the public discourse, we believe whole-heartedly in providing spaces and support for people who need it. Our harm-reduction and outreach work helps people to make more informed decisions for themselves, and can prevent people from getting into difficult or distressing conditions.

Our welfare interventions provide pragmatic and compassionate support for people who are experiencing distress, and can help those people navigate safely through it in a contained space, reducing the risk of them harming themselves or others.

And we also have something important to say to you - whether you supported us this year through volunteering your time, or through a donation or raffle, or if you are simply reading this message now - you are contributing to our mission to help others, and without your help in that, none of this would be happening. So sincerely and humbly, and with an open heart we want to say:


The support and the love that we received this year was phenomenal, and it is what is needed to help us to keep growing our brances out into the world to reach others, and to keep growing our roots down to give us an anchor point in this new, evolving space.

Thank you for coming with us on this journey and we are so excited and happy to see where we go together in 2024.

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