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Information for Event Organizers

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PsyCare Ireland is the premium provider of welfare and harm reduction services to the events industry in Ireland

Introduction: At PsyCare Ireland, we understand that creating a safe and enjoyable experience for your event attendees is a top priority. Having formed in 2021, we have the capacity to provide welfare at events ranging from 500 to 75,000 people. We believe that festivals and concerts should not only be about great music and memorable moments but also about ensuring the well-being and mental health of your patrons. That's why we offer event promoters an opportunity to collaborate with us by providing trained volunteer teams to support your concert or music festival. Our team brings a developed and unique skill-set that enables us to effectively and compassionately manage a variety of mental health issues, substance-related difficulties and other psychological crises in a way that minimises unnecessary burdens on other services at festivals/concerts and avoids hospitalisation, arrest, eviction or further trauma for the person in need of help themselves.

Download our 2024 brochure here to learn how we can become part of your event. 

Why Partner with PsyCare Ireland?

  1. Expertise and Experience: PsyCare Ireland boasts a team of dedicated volunteers who are extensively trained in harm reduction, mental health support, and descalation. Our experience in providing these services at various events ensures that your patrons will receive the highest level of care.

  2. Comprehensive Services: We offer a wide range of services, including:

    • Mental Health Support: Trained volunteers are available to lend an empathetic ear, offer emotional support, and provide resources for those facing mental health challenges during the event.

    • Crisis Intervention: We can assist with anyone who is having a mental health crisis or substance induced crisis helping them through their experience.

    • Harm Reduction Information: Our volunteers are equipped to provide harm reduction materials, information, and guidance to patrons, ensuring a safer festival experience.

  3. Customizable Solutions: We work closely with event organizers to tailor our services to the specific needs and scale of your event. Whether you're hosting a small local concert or a large-scale music festival, we can adapt our support teams accordingly.

  4. Promote a Positive Image: Partnering with PsyCare Ireland demonstrates your commitment to the well-being of your patrons, contributing to a positive and responsible image for your event.

  5. Community Engagement: By collaborating with us, event promoters can contribute to the well-being of the local community and foster a sense of unity among attendees.


How to Partner with PsyCare Ireland:

Collaborating with PsyCare Ireland is simple and beneficial for both your event and your patrons. To get started:

  1. Contact Us: Reach out to us through our website or email to express your interest in partnering with PsyCare Ireland.

  2. Consultation: We will schedule a consultation to understand your event's specific needs and requirements.

  3. Customized Plan: Based on our consultation, we will create a tailored support plan that aligns with your event's objectives and budget.

  4. Team Deployment: On the day of your event, our dedicated volunteers will be on-site, ready to provide the services and support outlined in the plan.


Join Us in Promoting a Safer and Healthier Event Experience:

Partnering with PsyCare Ireland is an opportunity to elevate the overall experience of your event while ensuring the well-being and safety of your patrons. Together, we can create an atmosphere of inclusivity and support that will leave a lasting positive impression on your attendees.

To explore how PsyCare Ireland can enhance your event, contact us today. Let's work together to make your next concert or festival an unforgettable and responsible experience for all.

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Services we provide include:

  • A tailored, highly price-competitive welfare, either as sole provider or as a specialist support unit to existing welfare

  • 24/7 service for festivals, staffed by an experienced and dedicated team of volunteers

  • Event long services for concerts and day events - teams can service a series of concerts.

  • Expert management of drug-induced psychological crises and support for those experiencing non drug-related emotional issues

  • A comfortable, beautiful safe-space for warmth, rest, hydration and recovery

  • Non-judgemental, empathic and person-centred care from an individual facilitator

  • Close liaison with other on-site services reducing unnecessary burden upon them

  • Specialist and credible harm reduction and drug information delivered in a variety of ways

  • Generic welfare services, such as provision of sunscreen and condoms

  • Training for other on-site services on how to effectively recognise and manage drug-related issues

  • A statistical report upon completion of the festival/event and identification of major trends in real time

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What makes PsyCare Ireland unique?

  • We are a vibrant community who fit into the festival ethos. Although many of our volunteers have professional qualifications which assist with welfare provision, one of our many strengths is our volunteers are seasoned festival goers who create a warm, empathetic and compassionate environment. We are very selective about our crew and train them to a high standard. All our volunteers are committed to helping people and are not just looking for a free ticket. Our team includes doctors, psychiatrists, mental health and drug workers, therapists and many other skilled professions.

  • Our peer-based approach to support and education means we ‘speak the language’ – we are approachable, trusted and the information we give is credible. We can reduce the risk of overdose and harmful drug interactions by providing comprehensive harm reduction advice and drug information to festival attendees. To extend our reach we offer workshops and flyering to interact with festival goers and engage them in issues around safer partying.

  • We are able to provide our own purpose built spaces which take into account ‘set & setting’ to create a calming, warm atmosphere suited to a festival environment rather than standard white tents which can seem clinical and make people uncomfortable.

  • We are experts in managing the challenging psychological states which can emerge as a result of drug use, especially psychedelic drugs. These can prove difficult for festivals to manage; requiring a large number of personnel from medics, security and event organisers.  We pride ourselves on our ability to manage these situations to result in the best outcome for all involved. By providing intensive support for challenging presentations we are able to reduce police involvement and psychiatric hospitalisations. This can help avoid the negative press and licensing issues that are associated with the involvement of emergency services (as well as ensure a better outcome for the individuals involved)

  • We are the first welfare service specialising in psychedelic crisis in Ireland, but we’re also highly skilled at dealing with other legal/illegal drug issues as well as psychological, emotional and behavioural problems.

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