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At the Festival

Help make PsyCare Ireland what it is.
Join our family, learn to help others in crisis and make impactful changes while having fun & serving the larger community. Our Volunteer recruitment is now open until the 13th of April 2023 - to apply to volunteer with us for the summer season 2023 and beyond - click below to start your application.


PsyCare Ireland seeks to attract a diverse group of volunteers.


Our core team currently includes doctors, psychotherapists, plant medicine facilitators, students, nurses and experienced festival goers. What unites all our volunteers, however, is a caring and compassionate approach to the needs of all the attendees of a festival.


All our highly knowledgeable and empathetic volunteers work on a person-led approach to anyone requiring support. We are a community who believe in looking out and caring

for others, and this considerate approach is reflected in the high quality of welfare

and harm reduction services we offer.


If you are interested in volunteering with us, then please consider contacting us. Although skills such as first aid, medical training and counselling qualifications are appreciated, please be aware that not possessing these isn’t a barrier to application. Many of our best volunteers have no formal qualifications related to welfare.


The main skills we look for in all potential applicants are the ability

to care for other people in a non-judgemental and compassionate way,

and an understanding of the nature of the psychedelic experience.

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Why volunteer with PsyCare Ireland?

  • Receive training in psychedelic support, welfare and harm reduction

  • Gain valuable and unique experience (which is likely to be useful for those wishing to pursue a career in psychedelic therapy)

  • Become part of the wider psychedelic community/movement

  • Help to promote a harm reduction approach to drug use

  • Help to promote sensible drug policies that respect human rights

  • An opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded people

  • Use your empathy, compassion and love to help others

  • Give something back to the party scene

  • If selected you will receive full crew ticket for the event

If you are interested in volunteering in a welfare/caring role please email us to register your interest and follow the details in the confirmation email that you will receive upon submission. You only need to register if you have not registered to volunteer with us before – contact us if in doubt. New applications are currently not open.

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Application Guide for 2023

The applications for the 2023 summer season will be open from the 13th of February until the 13th of April. to apply please follow the below application guide.

Application Guide

Stage 1 – Register to volunteer

Complete the registration form. This will enter your details into our volunteer database. This will email you our application pack.


Stage 2 – Complete the application form

To complete your application you will need to fill in the application form and reference from the pack and return them to us by email before the deadline.

Stage 3 – Attend volunteer training

Training is compulsory for all new volunteers. Volunteer training consists of some online modules and attending an in person skills day held in Dublin. The in person days for 2023 will be a choice of either the 13th or 14th of May - we will run extra skills days later in the year based on demand.

Stage 4 – Register your availability for events

The availability forms for events will be sent well in advance of each event or in bunches if we have multiple events confirmed at once. These forms will enable you to select which events in the season you are available for.

Please don’t complete any availability form until you have completed steps 1 and 2.

You will be considered for each event that you have indicated availability for. We try to give all suitable applicants an opportunity, but we cannot guarantee this due to the number of applications we receive and the factors that we need to take into account when putting teams together.

There are often last minute drop-outs, when this happens we will contact those who indicated availability but were not selected. If you are able to join the team at short notice in these circumstances, it is likely that you will be called upon.


Welfare/caring role not for you? No problem!


If you’re interested in getting involved in another way please complete this form. We need people with skills in: writing/editing, volunteer coordination, comms, social media, law, graphic design, web development, fundraising, the charity sector, accountancy and more.

Send us an email outlining your preferred role. We look forward to hearing from you!

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