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This time last year...

Given the cyclical nature of the festival season the early part of the year is always a time of planning and preparing. At the start of 2023, our organisation was established as PsyCare Ireland: Welfare and Harm Reduction CLG, a non-profit company limited by guarantee. We chose this format as PsyCare Ireland is social enterprise which aims to achieve social impact.

Establishing the organisation in this form allowed us to open up a bank account and begin to gather equipment, this was expediated greatly due to an amazing pledge of a loan from an angel investor. Early in 2023, our commitee set out a target to attend 4-5 festivals through the year, and to commit to training up to 100 volunteers. We also committed to reviewing our policies and procedures, and we planned out how to raise further funds to allow us to provide our service at events, and to purchase additional equipment. We began planning a benefit concert and we also secured our own storage shed, two large gala tents, and invested in our on site equipment such as hi-viz, soft furnishings, signage, and our kitchen set-up for the busy year ahead!

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