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Things I learned volunteering with PsyCare UK: Part 4

Written 21st September 2021 by Michael Ledden, Chairperson, PsyCare Ireland.

Writing now just after my second PsyCare UK event, it makes me very much wish to draw down then final lessons from the first one.

Although subliminally, emotionally and spiritually I took oceans of strength, love and knowledge from the experience.

The final thing that stands out to me from voulenteering at Warm Up Festival was the respect that the other services at the festival had for PsyCare's non judgemental, and person centred way of managing people in crisis.

I spoke in the last post about how security allows us to support a festival goer who I've no doubt would have been ejected/arrested at an Irish festival.

The medics too worked alongside PsyCare in everyday and the mutual respect was palpable.

I often wonder how long this reputation took to build and how a PsyCare in Ireland would be received.

However, for me regardless of how hard this is, achieving this kind of parity and respect for me is a must have goal, even if it takes 10+ years - as it probably has in the UK.

Getting festival organizer and fellow service providers buy in isn't easy, but its crucial to ensuring an Irish PsyCare can fill out its mission and help Irish festival goers to mind themselves.

By Michael Ledden - Chairperson PsyCare Ireland.

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