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PsyCare Ireland at BD Day of the Dead 2022

Halloween arrived and it was another chance for PsyCare Ireland to provide full welfare and Harm Reduction services to an Irish event!

This time it was the BD Day of the Dead Festival in Glendalough Co. Wicklow. This 5000 person one day event extremely popular with young people was the perfect place for PsyCare to prove it's worth.

Our team of 14 volunteers helped over 50 guests having difficult psychological experiences at the event - our team also took massive pressure off the medics, Garda and security at the event and advocated for vulnerable festival goers during the event.

Our two teams split over the day provided a much needed respite for many young people who were dealing with drug overdoses and difficulties secondary to intoxication.

Our team also supported many guests going through generally difficult psychological experiences.

Our team also provided it's own catering and as always we had a team debrief after the event.

This was our first one day event and the first time we dealt with so many people over a short turn around time.

It was our pleasure to help the staff run a smooth event and we will look forward to the next Barn Dance in April 2023!


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