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The One in the Woods - event report

We’re delighted to have had another opportunity to work with the Bedlam Events team. Following on from the Otherside St. Patrick’s Day event earlier this year, the PsyCare Ireland crew returned to Rock Farm, in Slane, Co. Meath for another event on June 8th.

The One in the Woods featured FJAAK, Yasmin Gardezi, Franck, Yours Truly, Hunteryx, DJ Scenic and many more playing from Saturday afternoon late into the night and as at previous events, we found that we were engaged from early in the day - meeting with attendees as they arrived on site was a great opportunity to let people know where we were located, and to help disseminate vital harm-reduction information.

A total of 12 attendees required our welfare service, either presenting themselves, or being brought in by concerned friends or medics. Our crew on-site were happy to report an effective service, with great communication and supports from organisers, and the on-site security and medical crews.

For PsyCare Ireland, this was a great chance to continue to grow our relationship with the promoters, to bring in some of our newly-trained volunteers to get some hands-on experience, and to help attendees stay as safe as possible this festival season.

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