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PsyCare upcoming events 2024

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Our next trip into the fields will be announced in 2024!

If you're thinking about what's coming next year, or want to get involved with us - then stay tuned to this space (and make sure any friends or family who want to do same follow us, or subscribe to the newsletter).

Coming up in the new year we're going to annouce our volunteer training plan for 2024. We'll also start to populate our festival calendar for the new year. And we're working away on some extra promo material to help us to continue to get the word out about PsyCare Ireland :-)

We will announce our next events once we are ready to recruit volunteer teams. Please stay connected with us by subscribing to our newsletter or following us on Instagram to get the latest updates.

You can help us to keep running our volunteer led service by donating to us, volunteering with us (next training intake 2024), or just spreading the word :-)

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