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PsyCare Ireland's first Volunteer Training

In May 2022 PsyCare Ireland had our first volunteer training! We trained 40 volunteers in Harm reduction, sitting with people in distress, noticing medical emergencies, dealing with situations, self care, the drugs market and boundaries.

Our presenters were:

Michael Ledden our chair person who was MC and covered introducing PsyCare Ireland, Boundaries, Safeguarding and some role plays.

Declan Hammond our trustee explored Harm reduction, dealing with psychedelic emergencies and case studies.

Dr. Kathryn Ledden covered dealing medical emergencies, the recovery position and role plays.

Maria Langan ICU nurse and our trustee covered the drugs market, the work of The Loop in the UK, and dealing with bodily fluids.

Ciara Sherlock our trustee spoke about self care.

Dave Phillips our trustee covered supporting guests in distress.

This training gave us our first fully trained cohort of volunteers with whom we were ready to start our mission to support people at music festivals and events.


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