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PsyCare Ireland at Fuinneamh 2023

After providing a small service at Fuinneamh in 2022, PsyCare was invited back to provide a full welfare service in 2023. Our service was located in the Lotus Village, using 18 volunteers we operated a 24 hour service with 3 tents.

PsyCare Ireland had 48 guests visit our service during the weekend. Of these 7 presented due to a mental health issue unrelated to drug or substance use, 38 presented due to intentional substance use/ a difficult experience and 3 attended for other reasons (weather/tent flooded).

Despite the difficult weather it was a huge success for PsyCare Ireland as volunteers provided our first 24 hour service where we were able to support guests all around the clock.

The primary contributing factors for visits were 14 for ketamine, 7 for alcohol, 5 for psilocybin, 4 for LSD, 3 for MDMA powder, 2 for ecstasy pills, 7 for non drug related issues, 4 for an unknown substance and 1 each for cocaine and opiates.

The service was well utilised from the start of Saturday with some people needing help early. The Saturday night into Sunday was the busiest time. Night shifts and mornings were kept going too and the last guest left PsyCare around 7am Monday.

The methods of arrival showed that the majority (22 guests) brought themselves to the service, medics referred 5 guests to us, friends brought 8 guests, security brought 4 and PsyCare Ireland staff found 8 guests while on outreach for the total of 48.

10 of our 18 volunteers at the event were working with us for the first time and it was a privilege for us to work with them.

Ciara Sherlock our amazing volunteer welfare coordinator held a lovely debrief with us and we would be delighted to bring this quality of service to Fuinneamh again in the future.

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