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PsyCare Ireland 2023 AGM

On November 26th, the PsyCare Ireland committee met for our AGM - a welcome opportunity to get together to reflect on the year gone by, and to map out the year ahead. Fuelled by tea, cake, and cosy vibes, of course. Part of this included looking in depth at the committee roles and deciding areas for each member to look after, and also identifying areas where we could expand to bring more help on board. We also discussed our mission and vision statements, to ensure we were all on the same page, and we used this as a compass for determining our course for 2024.

One major part of what we would love to achieve next year is charity status - a process which we have learned takes a lot of time, paperwork, and solictors. We're in agreement to push further ahead with this in the new year and we believe it be the natural next step for us as an organisation, by providing us with a firm foundation for this important work to continue to grow over years to come.

Moments like this when we get a chance to zoom out to look at the bigger picture, to share space together, to connect, and to reflect are vitally important to PsyCare. While we see each other regularly throughout the year, we're often focused in more closely on the next event, planning logistics, managing resources, and recruiting and training volunteers to ensure we give the best possible service to PsyCare guests.

We're planning to have a full breakdown of the year and our goals for 2024 ready for your perusal at the end of the year - so stay tuned :-)

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