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PsyCare August 23 recap

Thanks to the support of volunteers and supporters we were able to make it through the busiest month of our calendar (in terms of events at least!).

The first port of call for PsyCare Ireland was at The Works, a one-day grassroots community arts and music festival which took place in at CIE Hall in Inchicore, Dublin on August 12th. It was a great opportunity for a small team to be present and support the festival goers by providing harm reduction information. A big part of the work we do at PsyCare is connecting with people, giving them access to information that can keep them safer, and letting them know services like ours exist in case they do need help! Prevention is better than cure :-)

Next up we had an on-site weekend team down for Another Love Story from 18th - 20th August at Killyon Manor, Co. Meath. This proved to be another amazing weekend at a beautiful location, despite Storm Betty adding a little extra wind and rain to the mix. PsyCare Ireland provided a crew of 14 volunteers who ran a service through the weekend, and were on hand to provide harm reduction information as well as hands on support for people who were experiencing emotional or substance-induced difficulties. Over the weekend we helped out 11 people who needed extra support, and had plenty of plenty of festival patrons report that they were at ease just because they knew PsyCare Ireland were on site if needed <3

We rounded off August at another weekend event, this time at The Playing Fields. This was a two day event held in Clane, Co. Kildare on the 25th & 26th August.

We had a team down both days to provide harm reduction information, as well as a small tent to help deal with cases if people were feeling overwhelmed and needed additional support.

There was no overnight camping at the event, which meant we could close the service each day once the site shut down. This was another great opportunity to get the word out to people about what we do and how we can help, and to give our latest cohort of volunteers a chance to put some training into action!

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