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Charity status application update

It has been quite a journey for PsyCare Ireland over the past 2 years. From the outset, we had agreed at a committee level that a major milestone would be achieving charity status. We believe that being recognized as a charity can enhance credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of donors, volunteers, and the public. It signifies that as an organisation, we are committed to transparency, accountability, and serving the public good.

The steps to achieving this in practice are manifold - and in the background we have been diligently working on our organisational structure, our goals and mission, our financial structure, and our policies to align with best-practice for achieving our goal of charity status. A further element to navigate in this journey has been the fact that we as an organisation are offering a service that is hitherto unprecedented (but evidently much needed) in Ireland. And so there’s no real recipe to follow in that regard.

By means of an update on where we currently are with this task - we are happy to announce that our end of things, backed by our insurers and solicitors, was completed earlier this year. This was a massive milestone for us - and things are currently with the Charity Regulator and the official status is… ‘application being processed’!

We realise that to you dear reader, those three words may seem a little mundane - but we truly are delighted to be where we are with this and we will hopefully be able to offer you further update on this very soon :-)

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