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2023 - a statistical review

In 2023 we had 189 guests engage with PsyCare Ireland, across 6 events. Out of these, 37 presented due to a mental health issue which was unrelated to substance use. 134 presented due to intentional substance use / a difficult substance-related experience. 18 people attended PsyCare due to another reason, including suffering from cold weather, lost / separated from friends, etc.)

The gender breakdown of the guests was split between 97 male guests and 92 female guests. The age breakdown reflected some interesting trends with younger people utilising the service much more than older guests - 140 of the 189 guests fell into the 18-25 year old demographic.

The methods of arrival showed that a majority (86 guests) brought themselves to the service. 50 guests were brought into PsyCare by friends or by medics, and 32 guests were brought in by PsyCare volunteers who were on outreach at the events. Across the 6 events we attended in 2023, PsyCare Ireland used 48 volunteers - our youngest volunteer was aged 19 and our oldest aged 76.

The primary contributing factor for guests utilising PsyCare was use of Ketamine, alcohol, MDMA. The full breakdown of our statistics will be published in PsyCare Ireland's 2023 Annual Report.

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