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Meet our Team: Michael Ledden - Chairperson

Michael is a founding director of PsyCare Ireland who was inspired to bring together the founding board of PsyCare Ireland having volunteered with PsyCare UK during covid. An avid festival goer his entire adult life, Michael has known what it has been like to be at a festival and not have support as an option.

Away from festivals Michael is a fully accredited psychotherapist (IACP, IAHIP, ICP Accredited, B.A., MPhil., Msc., Clinical Diploma in Integrative Counseling and Psychotherapy) with an interest in CBT, Mindfulness, Shamanism as well as Humanistic, Psychodynamic, Existential and Transpersonal Psychology.

Michael is responsible for many of the screening and preparation calls for InwardBound legal Psilocybin Retreats in the jurisdiction of The Netherlands. Michael also facilitates on privates and occasionally on group retreats and conducts integration sessions with clients post-retreats.

Following extensive personal therapy, Michael discovered and cultivated an interest in plant medicines, transpersonal psychology and shamanic healing. His own life journey was radically altered for the better by working with plant medicines, though he recognized that not all people who take psychedelics do so in the right setting or with the right mindset, support and preparation.

Michael also offers private preparation and integration sessions to clients in Ireland under the business name Psychedelic Integration Ireland and offers Integrative, person-centered, shamanic and transpersonal oriented therapy to clients. He also runs his own service Anxiety Ireland and is embarking on further training in shamanic counseling and psychotherapy supervision.

For Michael PsyCare provides an important balance of being able to give something back while experiencing community, craic and the joy of making a difference to his fellow festival goers.

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