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Our first Summer festival of 2024: Éalú le Grá

We are thrilled to announce that PsyCare Ireland will be on site offering our welfare and harm reduction services at the wonderful Éalú le Grá festival this June Bank Holiday Weekend at Cragg Castle, Co. Galway.

Éalú Le Grá is a music and arts festival experience in the west of Ireland celebrating art, music, food, creativity, passion and the undulating nature of this wonderful life. The festival aims is to bring the community together through love, dance, and wholesome shared experiences.

We are very happy to work with the team to make this weekend safer for those in attendance - we know that our presence here is not just about providing services, it's about advocating for change, challenging stigma, and ultimately, saving lives. And with each interaction, we move one step closer to our vision of a safer and healthier festival community.

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